What is happening?

There’s to be a new Sydney Anglican organisation to minister to the same sex attracted and gender dysphoric called ‘Living Faith.’

Why is it happening?

It made most sense to the former Liberty Committee and staff (all of whom attend Anglican Churches) for this kind of pastoral ministry to be done under denominational supervision going forward, rather than through a small stand alone structure. Archbishop Davies and the Standing Committee were in agreement.

Liberty's ministry will be wound down.

Will you offer ministry to Christians regardless of denominational affiliation?

Yes, we will offer gospel ministry to Christian persons who experience same-sex attraction or gender incongruence, the Christian families of those individuals and education to interested churches and theological institutions beyond the Sydney Anglican Church.

When will it happen?

Living Faith started ministry early in 2021.

Is it simply a name change?

The Council of Living Faith is a totally new entity separate to Liberty. It’s council members are elected by the Sydney Anglican Standing Committee and appointed by the Archbishop.

What if I was a Liberty financial & prayer supporter?

We’re asking you to please support the new Living Faith organisation instead of Liberty going forward. This request is made jointly by the Living Faith Council and the Liberty Committee.

You can do that by credit card at here or via:

Account name: Council of Living Faith
BSB: 062102
Acc Number: 10285521
Reference: Your Name