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Living Faith is Sydney's new Anglican ministry to encourage Christians who experience same-sex attraction and gender incongruence. We exist to support others and we also need your support.

Living Faith is a new ministry created to assist Christians navigating same-sex attraction and gender incongruence. It operates under the oversight of the Sydney Anglican Church Standing Committee and Synod. This ministry offers biblical encouragement and support to Christian men and women who experience same-sex attraction or gender incongruence, and who wish to walk in a way that is faithful to Christ. It also assists in pastoring families, spouses, friends and churches.

Living Faith includes pastoral ministry (1:1 and in small groups) plus an educational ministry for churches on how best to do pastoral care in this context.

We ask for your support. We need to raise another $30 000, or $2500 per month. To give, please click here.

Living Faith is guided by the relevant Anglican doctrine statements, policies, guidelines and resources. This includes the Synod Resolution of 2018 on Pastoral Care which noted thatthe Anglican Church in the Diocese of Sydney does not practise, recommend or endorse ‘gay conversion therapy’. (Resolution 31/18)

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