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We pastorally support Christian men and women who experience attraction to the same sex and/or gender incongruence, or their friends and family. 

We also encourage and equip the church in this.

Read more about what that looks like here.

Resourcing You


We are beginning a library of resources to help us think pastorally about sexuality and gender.

Find those here.

We will update you as we develop more resources.

About Us


Living Faith is an organisation of the Sydney Anglican Church. We serve Christians as they seek to express their sexuality and gender in accordance with the historic Christian faith.

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We love to hear from you.

Get in touch with us here to ask about pastoral support or training at your church.

We are funded by the generous support of individuals and churches. You can do that here.

We urgently need your support

The need for the ministry of Living Faith is growing. We are only able to employ our two ministry workers through your gospel generosity. All our funds come through individual donations and the benevolence of some churches.

We need to raise our giving by $2000/month to meet our ongoing wages bill. Please help with a regular monthly pledge.

Visit our giving page to give via credit card, direct debit, or bank transfer.

September Updates

This month we have updated the overall look and content of our website. In particular, we have added video resources for pastoral care in the area of sexuality. We will continue to add resources as we develop and collate them. In time, this will include video resources for pastoral care in the area of gender.


Each time we add some information or resources, we will list them here.