An appeal from our chair, Dominic Steele

As chair of the new Sydney Anglican Ministry Living Faith I am writing to ask for your support.


Living Faith is working to help churches do better at pastoring Christians who are navigating same sex attraction and gender incongruence issues.


We have two excellent part time ministry workers, Sam and Kristine.

Kristine has just this last week launched a reading group for Christian women with same sex attraction (see below).

Plus there’s reading groups for Christian same sex attracted men. Plus parents groups. And a group for heterosexual spouses of same sex attracted persons - trying to help them out.


Sam this week is presenting at the Youthworks house conference, plus at a series of other events - teaching churches - and then presenting at the Canberra Men’s convention on the weekend (see below).


This ministry is so important to get right. We need to love people enough to tell the tell them the truth. But how to do that well in this complex space.


If you could become a regular financial partner with Living Faith - we would so appreciate that. Go to



Dominic Steele