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Join us as Sam Allberry, Rob Smith and the Living Faith team discuss how best to disciple and support Christian men and women who experience attraction to the same sex or gender incongruence and who wish to walk in a way that is faithful to Christ.

We'll hear from experts in the field

The Living Faith Ministry Team longs to see churches support those in their midst who experience attraction to the same sex or gender incongruence, or who have a family member who does. Living Faith's goal is not ‘orientation change’, but for individuals to have a life-transforming, personal and growing relationship with Jesus Christ, who is the Lord of glory.


We'll hear from those with real-life experience.

We'll also explore the complex pastoring of families, spouses, friends and the wider church community as they seek to love and care for those negotiating today's complex world.

We'll provide opportunities to share, network and workshop scenarios.