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Pastorally supporting Christians experiencing attraction to the same sex 

Sam Allbery gives us five principles for discipling Christians navigating attraction to the same sex. This longer form presentation runs for 45 minutes. You can purchase a license to watch Sam's presentation here.


​Pastoral Guidelines
  • Know the key biblical texts that speak of homosexual sexual activity and develop a robust biblical theology of sex, gender and marriage, based on the wide sweep of biblical teaching and not just ‘proof texts’.

  • Know the arguments around the interpretations about the specific passages that refer to homosexual sexual activity.

  • Differentiate theologically between same-sex orientation/attraction and same-sex sexual activity.

  • How do you think theologically about same-sex ‘orientation’? Are you consistent in the way you consider what is and isn’t sin in this area compared to others?

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​Pastoral Guidelines
  • Be patient with each person as you listen to their struggles and gently guide towards maturity in Christ.

  • Remember sexual attraction is only one facet of a person’s life. Don’t treat same-sex attracted (SSA) people as ‘single issue Christians’, encourage holistic maturity and sanctification.

  • Each SSA person will approach their struggle differently. We need to help people think through God’s guidance, singleness and marriage, celibacy, loneliness and more.

  • Remind the SSA person that the gospel holds out both the hope of future glory, and the joys of life in Christ now.

  • Many SSA Christians will have previously encountered “affirming theology” and may have found it emotionally engaging. How can you equip yourself well to respond to theologies like this?