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Sam Allberry, Rob Smith and the Living Faith team will guide us to explore how best to disciple and support Christians who experience attraction to the same sex or gender incongruence and walk faithfully with Jesus.

Rob Smith
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Rob Smith lectures in systematic theology, ethics and music ministry at Sydney Missionary & Bible College. He also serves as an honorary assistant minister at St Andrew’s Anglican Cathedral in Sydney. He is currently completing a PhD on the relationship between identity and embodiment in Scripture and its relevance for transgender theory and experience.

Sam Allberry
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Sam Allberry speaks around the world as a pastor, preacher, author and apologist.  He is in the process of moving to the US to join the staff at Immanuel Nashville, is a Canon Theologian for the Anglican Church in North America, and is a Senior Fellow at OCCA Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics. Sam is also the co-host of the podcast You’re Not Crazy: Gospel Sanity for Young Pastors.

The Living Faith Ministry Team longs to see churches support those in their midst who experience attraction to the same sex or gender incongruence, or who have a family member who does. Living Faith's goal is not ‘orientation change’, but for individuals to have a life-transforming, personal and growing relationship with Jesus Christ, who is the Lord of glory.


We'll explore complex pastoring of families, spouses, friends and the wider church community as they seek to love and care for those negotiating today's complex world.


We'll provide opportunities to share, network and workshop scenarios.


We'll hear from those with real-life experience.

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